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    EMIC-220 S is a metal detector that works in POWER Pulse Induction System . Provides signal levels and information on metal type on 128 X 64 pixel screen

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EMIC-220 S is a metal detector that works in POWER Pulse Induction System . Provides signal levels and information on metal type on 128 X 64 pixel screen. All settings are made with just one key. Extremely easy to use. It has Open-Walk feature. It uses an advanced metal separation algorithm. It can simultaneously transfer images to the lection Reflection 3D software via Bluetooth.

Operation with Rotary Control:

EMIC-220 S POWER is controlled by rotary control. If you press this button briefly while the device is turned off, the device turns on, and if you press and hold, the device turns off. You can adjust the device settings by turning it to the left or right. "Reset Otomatik is automatically selected. When you turn to the left, the threshold is adjusted. The threshold indicated by T: is the signal level indicated by S:. In case of S> T, the device beeps. If the menu is highlighted and pressed, SET is entered. Pressing SET while in the menu will exit the menu.

Data on Main Screen:

The value indicated by "B: dır is battery voltage. The device operates on a 12V battery and has a depletion voltage of 11.5V. If it falls below this voltage, the device will automatically shut down. "T: ir is the threshold value. The signal level indicated by "S is in must exceed this value for the device to beep. While on the main screen, turn the rotary TRSHOLD and press "SET ve, turn the right or left and adjust the threshold again. "S: ir is the signal level received from the metal. When this level exceeds the threshold level indicated by "T cihaz, the device will start to warn.

Unless a metal object is detected on the main screen, "LOW S." is displayed on the left. In order for metal separation to occur, the signal received from the metal must be a little strong. LOW S. (Low Signal) will be displayed on the left side unless it is strong. When a strong signal is received, it will indicate to the user whether the metal in the form of FERRO or N.FERRO is ferrous or non-ferrous if the system is well calibrated. When a strong signal is received, move the device away from the metal again, making sure that the system is reset, then slowly move the redial head closer to the receiving location. Repeat the process several times to make sure.

Numerical Metal Separation:

EMIC-220 separates metals numerically. Although the metal separation in the pulse induction systems is troublesome, EMIC-220 S can perform metal separation process with a good accuracy thanks to its advanced separation algorithm. It also shows positive (+) numbers for iron-containing metals. It should be noted that there is always a margin of error. The actual distinction must be made with the user experience and interpretation, not with the device. EMIC-200 interprets the information received from the metal as accurately as possible to the user.

EMIC-220 S Settings:

  • AUDIO: EMIC-220 S has 5 kinds of sounds. Depending on the signal level, these sounds can be set to varying tone, varying volume, both tone and volume, and tone varying by metal type.
  • BALANCE: Unprocessed raw results of signal values ​​obtained from soil. Gives information about the quality of the research title. Values ​​should be between 300-700.
  • SENSITIVITY: Sensitivity setting. The recommended value is 5. This value can be reduced due to the electrical noise problem in the urban environment. This value can be increased in areas far from the city.
  • GROUND: It is the soil balance setting. This value should be kept at 0 unless there is a serious problem. In areas where the soil effect is intense, this value is increased until there is no change in sound by moving the head up and down.
  • VOLUME: Volume setting.
  • BACKLIGHT: The backlight setting. The display light can be adjusted in two steps.

  • 3D data transfer:

    The system must be connected to the Reflection 3D software. In this case, the "B" symbol appears on the top right of the screen. In this case, the system sends live data to the computer whenever each sampling button is pressed.


    Emic 220 S When the tablet is connected to the tablet pc for a long time, when the beep sounds for a long time, it starts shooting live scan.

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