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  • New Proton Elic LB 4-S Specıal

    It is even more powerful with its new operating system and renewed sensors

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New Proton Elic LB 4-S Specıal

It is even more powerful with its new operating system and renewed sensors.
QUICK DESCRIPTION: It is a 4 row, 16 column, 64 pixel thermal camera. It can see the thermal differences at the angle it looks at with 64 pixel resolution. The viewing angle is 60 degrees.
MAGNETIC SENSOR: The magnetic sensor measures the DC magnetic field intensity at the location where it is located. Each sensor measures the magnetic field intensity on the axis it is looking at. The fact that there are 4 JEO FAZ provides fast data collection by measuring the magnetic field (FAZ) intensity at 4 different points at the same time.
The system can work selectively as thermal or magnetic. After collecting data from all sensors, it transfers the data to the computer software via bluetooth with the direction information it looks at. In the computer environment, the camera in the center of a sphere looks at the shell of the sphere from the inside and according to the sensor information received, it paints the inner surface of the shell of the sphere in the relevant color. In this direction, it creates an image as the color equivalent of the thermal or magnetic field strength.

This situation offers the possibility of discrimination by taking numerical values separately for each metal object in the software environment. Briefly, the color equivalent is reflected on the screen as metal objects red, space blue, soil green. POSSIBILITIES AND CAPABILITIES: It can clearly detect formations such as tunnels, rooms, cavities and buried metal objects buried under the ground buried in the ground or carved into the natural ground.
Our device is covered by a 2-year warranty. Our device has CE CERTIFICATE - ISO 9001 QUALITY CERTIFICATE - ISO 14001 QUALITY CERTIFICATE - ISO 22000 QUALITY CERTIFICATE - ISO 45001 QUALITY CERTIFICATE - ISO 27001 QUALITY CERTIFICATE - ISO 10002 QUALITY CERTIFICATE - OHSAS 18001 quality certificates.

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