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LDR- Digital 2 Gold and Diamond Detector

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After many tests, experiments and hard work today we are pleased to announce that the legendary LDR DIGITAL gold machine has been replaced! The machine responds almost 60% better than its ancestor due to the renewed latest generation processor! It is small in size, light and with detachable antennas for easier transport!

Maximum radius 400 meters and depth 10 meters (large object). There is the possibility of selection and separation of metals and also there is the possibility of verifying the real target, ie with a button we discard gold dust, gold stones, etc.

The machine detects Gold, Silver, Vacuum, Copper and Gaps (tunnels, etc.) with the push of a button on the screen we can easily and quickly define the metal we want to locate. Due to the state-of-the-art processor, the antenna response to the targets is 60% faster than the old LDR DIGITAL 1 model.

In terms of its reliability depends on how it is handled, for example the forces exerted on the antennas when the machine receives a target signal are almost negligible, so to receive these forces we must scan harmoniously and with equivalent speed, from there and then the machine does it all on its own electronically and with algorithms.

At intervals in the machine there is also the possibility of upgrading the software from which it helps to increase its technical characteristics and performance.

We are very pleased to announce our new machine LDR DIGITAL 2, has 60% better response on targets from the previous model, because of the latest generation processor, its small and light and also has removable antennas for easier carrying.

LDR digital 2 is a high performance and extremely reliable long range locator. Has a maximum range up to 400 meters and 10 meters depth . The device has several minerals options such as Gold, Silver, Void - Tunnels, Copper, Iron, Diamonds.

While you scanning if you correctly balance the antennas and make all the correct verifications then the results of finding your target may reach 95% of success.Also this device uses 3 types of specific filters in verification mode which that helps to reject any gold rocks, and focus only on real gold.

We have many updates on the firmware which increases all the specifications of the device

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