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The equipment has a static function, it does not produce any noise, it will only sound when detecting a pulse of metal, it is ideal for searching for buried objects

It is a depth detector which provides stability and efficiency when searching, it is not affected by any type of soil since it is conditioned to more than 120 types of mineralized soils, the internal components of this equipment make the equipment is very stable on any terrain. Its handling is very simple, since the technology is advanced and its processors are already prepared and conditioned for any terrain, it is immediately stabilized by its integrated programmed memory. There is no need to adjust anything, it is an ideal equipment for those who go out to prospect for the first time in a field.

It includes:

  • 01 Metal detector box.
  • 01 12v charger.
  • 01 Square coil of 1.25 × 1.25 meters


  • Model: TOPO.
  • Measurement: Analog Clock.
  • Mode: PI Metal Detector.
  • Battery: 12V.
  • Low Battery: Led indicator.
  • Coil Connection: 5 Pins.
  • Weight: 1200g.
  • Size: 19×13.5x9cm / 7.4×5.3×3.5inch
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