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    The LB-8 2020 model improved top performance has 8 Sensor, which is 8 times better solution than the model

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The LB-8 2020 model improved top performance has 8 Sensor, which is 8 times better solution than the model.

Quick definition: 4 Lines 16 milk 64 cm thermal camera. You can see the thermal differences in the light of the light in a 64 km resolution. The point of view is 60 degrees.

Magnetic SENSOR:MANYETIK sensor measure the DC Magnetic Field violence at its location. Each sensor measure the magnetic field at its own point (jeo phase) 8 pieces of magnetic field (phase) 8 different points at the same time by measure the magnetic field (phase) of 8 different points at the same time.

The system can either be used to sweat or be able to choose data from all sensor after collecting data from all sensor, send the data to the computer software via Bluetooth.

The Camera, which is in the center of a globe in a computer, looks into the inside of the universe and paint the color about the inner surface of the universe. The thermal or magnetic field at the same point is the image as the color equivalent of the violence.

This is a separate number for each metal in the software environment. This is a difference.

The Color of the color is in short (Metal Dirty-Blue-Blue-Blue-Light Green) is reflect on the screen as a color.

It can be found space or metal under KABILIYETLERI:YER or tunnel-Room-Warehouse-Room-Warehouse-Room-Warehouse-Room-Warehouse-Room-Warehouse) type of space or metal found in the natural ground.

Besides this, there is a menu selection available for indoor-house calls or cave-like interior calls for example (Interior Search-Outdoor view)

Been a new generation. The new generation is a new generation promo series. It has a 8-C-8 Custom / 64 pxs heat sensor, as well as 4 Cesium Magnetic Multi-sensor.

Lb-8 1000 M range of 1000 M range and good soil conditions and correct use 50 M-4 D presentation with its own special program 3 D-4 D presentation with its 3 D-4 D Presentation (metal difference, deep determination , distance information, and the sensor, which calculate to point the target, there is a translation of the file for detailed analysis when asked)

The LB-8 / 64 pxs therapy is 64 times more sensitive and stronger than previous models, but a bigger lani offers high resolution on the screen in seconds.

The LB-8/8 has developed and provides a lot stronger and more clear and very short time.

With a faster surface recognize thanks to the lb-8 / Lidar Sensor, on the other hand, it makes you walk from a range of 40 meters.

With its strong laser in the lb-8 / point, it easily mark the place of the target.

Lb-has a long-Used Pocket Battery that can last 8/24 hours - weather conditions can change the time.

Lb-8 / has a computer with a touch screen and keyboard with a touch screen and keyboard

Lb-8 / Waterproof and has a blow-Proof Bag

Lb-8 / Waterproof and blow-Proof Sensor Carry Bag

Lb-8 / Software CD included

Lb-8 / use cd included

Lb-8 / free applied training

Lb-8 / unlimited phone support is provided

Lb-8/2 year warranty is under warranty

Lb-8 the certificates he has

D certificate

ISO 9001 quality certificate

ISO 14001 quality certificate

ISO 22000 quality certificate

ISO 45001 quality certificate

ISO 27001 quality certificate

ISO 10002 quality certificate

Lol 18001

It is a reference from other official institutions

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