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  • INR 2600000.00 (Inclusive of custom duty)
  • Proceq GPR Subsurface


    The all-in-one solution for detecting objects and mapping the underground world using SFCW ground penetrating radar technology

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Proceq GPR Subsurface


The all-in-one solution for detecting objects and mapping the underground world using SFCW ground penetrating radar technology.

  • Intuitive real-time visualization in 2D and 3D
  • Superior data clarity, accurately geo-referenced
  • Access to your data from anywhere, anytime


Utility strike prevention / Subsurface utility engineering (SUE) / Underground 3D Reality Capture / Asset inspection (bridges, asphalt) / Geophysical investigations / Archeology / Forensics / Precision Agriculture

Best-in-class technology. Powerful 3D software. 100% real time. Ideal for experts. Intuitive for all


No methodology constraints and real time 2D & 3D data visualization of the scanned subsurface, for an optimal interpretation on site, no matter the application.

Accuracy & Resolution

Superior clarity of data at different depths thanks to the unique Swiss Made ultra-wideband radar technology, with high-accuracy geolocation in local coordinates.

User Experience

User Experience

End-to-end workflows, all the way from the most intuitive data acquisition to instantly shareable deliverables. Access your data from anywhere, anytime.

Software / Workspace App
Acquisition modes Line Scan, Area Scan, Free Path
View modes A-scan, Line Scan non-migrated, Line Scan migrated, Time Slice View, Map View, 3D, Augmented Reality
On-site annotations Tags, markers, points of interest, lines, photos, notes, voice notes, markups
Adjustable display settings Color palette, linear gain, time gain compensation, background removal, multi-layer dielectric constant, time window, noise cancellation filter, frequency filter, low pass filter, slice depth, slice thickness
Data options Cloud storage, SEG-Y export, HTML export, KML export, DXF export, SHP export
Display unit Any iPad or iPad Pro
Recommended: iPad Pro WiFi+Cellular (M1)
Screen resolution: up to 2732 x 2048 pixels
Storage capacity: up to 1 TB
Max. scan length Up to 15 Km | 9.3 mi
Max. scan grid size Up to 80 x 80 m | 260 x 260 ft
Radar technology Stepped-frequency Continuous-Wave GPR
Modulated frequency range 40-3440 MHz2
Effective bandwidth 3200 MHz3
Min. detectable target size 1 cm | 0.4 in4
Max. depth penetration 10 m | 33 ft5
Scan rate 500 Hz
Spatial interval Up to 100 scans/m
Acquisition speed Up to 80 Km/h | 50 mph6
GNSS receiver Multiband GPS + Glonass + Galileo + Beidou
SSR augmentation ⁷ / RTK-compatible
Dimensions: 145 x 145 x 70 mm
Weight: 0.7 Kg, 4x AA-batteries included
GNSS real-time 3D accuracy Typ. 1-5 cm | 0.5-2 in 8
GNSS initialization time Typ. 5-30 s
Wheel encoders 2
Configuration Wireless integrated push & pull cart
Weight 24 Kg 9
Dimensions 61 x 57 x 38 cm
Antenna positions Ground-coupled with dual-axis floatingAir-coupled with 25 mm clearance
Ingress protection (IP) / sealing IP65
Power supply Removable flight-safe battery pack10
| Off-the-shelf power bank11
Autonomy 3.5 hours | Full working day12
Operating temperature -10deg to 50degC | 14deg to 122deg F
Operating humidity <95% RH, non-condensing
Connectivity WiFi, Ethernet, USB-A, USB-B, USB-C, Lemo

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